Nibav Home elevators have revolutionized the Indian Elevator industry since its inception in 2002 with compact and exquisite elevator solutions. As of 2019, Nibav Home elevators are now manufactured in the Special facility in Chennai. We are expert in offering the environment friendly home lifts that use the world’s most abundant resources… AIR. Nibav Lifts offers modern and innovative residential elevators and entered the home elevator market to influence seismic proportions.

It is the highest pneumatic lifting system in India. With the help of international connections and the Dean initiative in India. The revolutionary design of the Nibav elevator offers 3 units in size ranging from the single elevator to three passenger, wheelchair accessible.

Our home elevators are very distinctive and attractive. Our vacuum lifts blend easily into any decor and bring luxury to your home.

This advanced technique attracts many buyers. The other thing is that they do exactly that. Pneumatic vacuum lifts are the only home lifts designed to enhance your home.

Nibav vacuum home elevators is one of the technologically advanced revolutions needed to facilitate domestic shipping, well supported by all necessary safety precautions. At the end of the day, we have a great solution for moving around the house freely and we love the product because of its modern and wonderful features.

Why Nibav Vacuum Lifts?

Nibav home elevators are passionate about improving the value and to provide luxury home lifts of your dream home. We do this with hassle-free elevators. We are specialists who have led the way in India for years and are unmatched in terms of flexibility, quality, service and value.

20 Years of Innovation

Nibav home elevators are passionate about enhancing the value and luxury of your home, with hassle-free elevators. We are experts leading the way in India for 20 years and we are improving the prospects for the future where accessibility becomes a big problem.

Unmatched European Quality- Made in India

Our range of vacuum home elevators are designed, engineered and manufactured in India, ensuring that the product you receive is built using the latest European technology along with a 10 year warranty and industrial parts warranty.

Nibav vacuum elevators with excellent showrooms in most Indian capitals. We deliver all over India, from the major cities to the most remote places.

Low Maintenance and Services

Nibav home elevators operate on single phase power and consume only 3.7kVA of power uphill. During the descent, this lift consumes the power of ZERO which makes it a eco-friendly Home lift. Since our elevators use air as their primary source of operation, they require no oil or lubrication. This reduces the maintenance frequency from monthly to once every 4 months. Our Nibav lifts are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Quality Certified System

Nibav Vacuum Home Elevators is proud to be the only company specializing in home elevators to meet the strictest international quality control standards of ISO 9001 certification. We have internationally recognized processes from start to finish to ensure your lift is delivered to the highest standards and on time!

Environment Friendly Lifts

Our environmentally friendly pneumatic vacuum lifts help you and your family move between floors with ease. You can enjoy the luxury of a home elevator without all the hassles of traditional elevators. Nibav vacuum lifters are powered by the world’s most abundant resources… AIR. Because our elevators use air as their main source of operation, they do not require oil or lubrication. That makes our home elevator environmentally friendly or environmentally friendly.